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Doe, a deer…

March 28, 2011

I can’t quite believe that a month has passed already dear bloggies…March madness I tell you!

I want to wish you a happy spring! ‘Tis the season to think of the little bunnies…their warm fuzzy noses and pink fuzzy toeses!


‘Tis also the season for late-night study break with pink raspberry tea and homemade pink rosewater-cookies! Yumyum delish!


I fell in love with these boxes at the Lindt Chocolate outlet a few weekends ago. Instead of getting my chocolate in the usual clear bags they sell, these were perfect to celebrate the return green grass and sunny colors!!

Bisous dear readers! …I hope you do a few special and fun things to ring in spring!


• Choubelle •

Guest post: burros!!

February 20, 2011

Hullos! We’re burros. Thats another word for “miniature donkey.”


We’re very cute! We eat a lot of  hay and a little bit of molasses and grains each morning.

This is our greyhound friend who used to do doggie racing. He was pretty sick when he first got here late this summer and had an injury on his right leg, but he is all better now, and we enjoy his company oodles when he visits us outside!

On account of the fact that we’re burros, and since we’re so charming, Choubelle thought it was okay that we don’t do a post about fashion and style. In fact, since we’re farm animals we probably incite some fashion faux pas for our humans. For example, the other day Choubelle and her mommy were rushing to go somewhere, but before they left they briefly visited us and got their nice shoes all muddied up! Oopsies! I don’t think our humans mind too much though, because they love us so much.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our guest post! See you around folks!


The Burro Misters

Fashion for the best of causes: a winter coat drive for those in need

January 29, 2011

This morning whilst leafing through The Boston Globe my mom was reading about the winter weather and its challenges (according to the Globe, “heating oil for homes is now 3.46 per gallon and rising”), and it led us to a conversation about the homeless and the cold. Then, my mom came up with a brilliant idea that I plan on putting into action  at my University…leaving boxes out around campus for winter coats for the needy. I guess my mom used to take this upon herself in grad school and bring the coats to the local shelter.  According to one of our friends who volunteers there, the one nearest shelter around my area had roughly 80 homeless people in it last week.

If you live in a wintery area and your school or workplace or university doesn’t have a box for winter coats, decorate one yourself and put it somewhere that gets a lot of foot traffic!

So, that staggering statistic means that I have some warm fuzzy things in my closet that don’t serve me too well that I am going to donate! I’m going to donate a warm fleecy and a couple of coats that I haven’t been using that are in great condition and will find a home with those that need them more than I do. If you live in a wintery area and your school or workplace or university doesn’t have a box for winter coats, decorate one yourself and put it somewhere that gets a lot of foot traffic! When you help people meet their basic needs, that is putting fashion to use for the best of causes.



Theft: Imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery.

January 29, 2011


Recently some other Choubelle stuff has popped up on the net that isn’t me here on this blog or on Twitter, and I just want to say: be unique! Your own creativity is what makes what you do special, and you are robbing yourself of the ability to search inside of yourself for that spark by copying someone else. This stuff shows up in search engines, and its very hurtful to say the least. It is so easy to appropriate someone else’s content, blog name or even business-model in cyberspace, but remember that there is ALWAYS a real person at the other end of the on-line, and that person has feelings…as well as intellectual property rights.



Happy Martin Luther King Day!

January 18, 2011

He was a great, great man. Many many years ago my grandfather had the honor of helping MLK change a tire by the side of the road while he was late to a speech in New England. It is one of those family stories that gives me goosebumps and I will be sure to pass on to my kids…thought I’d share! : )



Avedon Amazingness at the Museum of Fine Arts

September 10, 2010

Above: Veruschka wearing a dress by Kimberly, January 1967

The other day, well Labor Day to be exact, I hauled myself on over avec mon oncle to the Richard Avedon fashion exhibit. The exhibit was incredible, to say the least.

You’d think I’d be an Avedon Afficiando, being all into fashion history, the sixties and having you know, a working knowledge of Harper’s Bazaar editor Diana Vreeland, who worked closely with Avedon for fashion shoots…but no. Aside from his extremely famous photography(i.e. Dovima with Elephants), I was pretty much Avedon clueless in the worst way until yesterday!

Above: Suzy Parker in Dior with Robin Tattersall, Paris 1956

Seeing both the artistry of the composition of Avedon’s images combined with so much beautiful clothing is definitely what makes fashion photography a double-whammy of wonderfulness for me. I got to fall in love with YSL coats, Dior suits and dresses, dresses…DRESSES! And all of the vintage Dior equalled Choubelle heaven. I forgot how beautiful his gowns were…and really need to finish the Dior biography by Marie Frances Pochna that I started a few months ago.

In any case, the exhibit will be around at the Museum of Fine Arts until January 17, 2011, so stop by and see it if you happen to be around Beantown!

Have a lovely day…Or fashion week!..Wow, can’t believe its that time again already. I have to go check out some of the shows & of course I’ll let you know about my faves. 🙂



• Choubelle •

Images courtesy of the MFA.

Fashion Illustration du jour

September 6, 2010

An illustration of ballerina Paulette Duval by Georges Doeuillet for the Gazette du Bon Ton circa 1920.

Have a lovely day!!


• Choubelle •

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.