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Summer Style: Fashionable things to make and do to beat summer boredom blues…

June 25, 2008

I’ve whipped up a list:

1.DIY…do anything to your old clothes, have at them with metallic spray paint, cinch and take in a t-shirt that is 4 sizes too big for you in a funky, out there way, decorate with buttons, sharpies, fabric cray-pas, or fabric paint…trace an image you love onto your DIY item through a bright window or using a projector. also, if you want some more ideas, look for a copy of Adorn magazine at the supermarket/drugstore. They should have one.

2. Check out some fav. designers runway shows online.

3. Be your own online DJ! Go to or for some runway music check out Fashion fm, and Italian online radio station . I included fashion FM because this is a fashion blog, but I don’t really like the music on fashion FM, I prefer making my own pop music/French music/henry mancini/madeleine peyroux playlists on

4. Make some $$$, sell your old clothes or books on Ebay

5. Write love poems…or in the case of yours truly, longing for love poems ; )

6. Learn photoshop. Its addictive, you’ll be so glad that you did.

7. Take up a new language…or at least listen to some music in different languages…its cool stuff.

8. Go stargazing

9. Take a nature walk

10. Garden. Think of how eco-friendly you are being and how much the little garden worms appreciate the new tree or flowers you are putting into the earth!

11. Watch some classic old movies…my favorites are…

The Audrey Hepburn Collection:

Funny Face

Roman Holiday

Breakfast at Tiffany’s



Alfred Hitchcock:

To Catch a Thief (Cary Grant, Grace Kelly)

Vertigo (Jimmy Stuart, Kim Novak)

The Birds (Tippi Hendren)

Dial M for Murder (Grace Kelly)

Strangers on a Train

Other wonderful Old Hollywood films:

White Christmas

(I have this tradition of watching it in July since its up at our summer house…don’t know why!)

Bringing Up Baby (Catherine Hepburn, Carey Grant)

Lady and The Tramp (The only Disney movie I adore…its stylish in a doggie sort of way)


I can’t think of any more!

11. One more thing…if you are going to get a soft serve, they are 99 cents still @ McDonalds (heart of all things uber fashionable, I know) which is kind of nice, but you should really try gelato at least once before summer ends, because it is extra delicious!!

Image courtesy of Microsoft Word clip-art



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