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Sea Bags!

July 13, 2008

So when I was away and venturing around Portland Maine, my family and I happened to stumble onto a little store hidden away from the Main Street, but filled with business and nosy tourists nonetheless. The shop is Sea Bags, and what makes the place so special and wonderful, is that the bags are all made from recycled sails from sailboats and all of the sewing and manufacturing of the bags is done right on location while you are shopping for a bag! I literally walked in and the manager of the store showed me a bag that she was working on made out of a stiff sail that was actually kind of crunchy sounding, but was from the sail of the US Olympic team. She showed us this giant rolled up orange sail the size of a large coffee table that she told us had already been cut in half. Sails are enormous, (which I didn’t know) so recycling them is a useful and unique idea.

^ This is the little one I want! 🙂

What Sea Bags does is recycle old sails to create durable canvas totes and totes made of other sailing material. The bags are not cheap (a small tote generally goes for about 95.00) , but if you can afford it unlike me, these little bags are a wonderful way to spend your vacation money and go to a great eco-friendly cause!


Every bag we make has sailed around the world before it even leaves our shop, and we like that. -Sea Bags

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