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Nantucket Daffodil Festival

March 22, 2010

You know how Holly Golightly had Tiffany’s? Well I have two places: Nantucket and Barnes and Noble.

B&N will do in a pinch when the long drive and ferry ride to ‘Tucket can’t happen, but I prefer Nantucket, hands down. With its marvelous old cars, cobblestone lined streets, quaint shops, kind people and a view of the sea at every turn,who wouldn’t?

I never realized it before, but Nantucket is a little bit like Amsterdam. There is a daffodil festival every April (as opposed to Amsterdam’s Tulip Festival) and Nantucket even has a windmill of its very own!

A little pup swaddled in Daffy's! Image courtesy of the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce.

Baguettes, gingham, an old fashioned car and miles of daffodils. Image courtesy of Nantucket Chamber of Commerce

When I was little, my Dad bought me a book called “Comet’s Nine Lives” by Jan Brett. It is a sweet and beautifully illustrated tale about a Nantucket cat named Comet who over the course of summertime on the island bids adieu to eight of his nine lives.

Little did I know that years later I would get to see the places in the book in person!

Even the inside pages of Jan Brett's children's books have borders! I can only imagine how much time she must spend crafting each beautiful illustration...

Here is Comet! And Brant Point behind him. My favorite thing about Jan Brett books? The borders on each and every illustrated page are interesting and incredibly detailed. Image Credit:

Next time I go on island dear readers (which has been far too long), I will be sure to bring my camera, because the beauty and charm of  Nantucket is something to love!!


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