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Avedon Amazingness at the Museum of Fine Arts

September 10, 2010

Above: Veruschka wearing a dress by Kimberly, January 1967

The other day, well Labor Day to be exact, I hauled myself on over avec mon oncle to the Richard Avedon fashion exhibit. The exhibit was incredible, to say the least.

You’d think I’d be an Avedon Afficiando, being all into fashion history, the sixties and having you know, a working knowledge of Harper’s Bazaar editor Diana Vreeland, who worked closely with Avedon for fashion shoots…but no. Aside from his extremely famous photography(i.e. Dovima with Elephants), I was pretty much Avedon clueless in the worst way until yesterday!

Above: Suzy Parker in Dior with Robin Tattersall, Paris 1956

Seeing both the artistry of the composition of Avedon’s images combined with so much beautiful clothing is definitely what makes fashion photography a double-whammy of wonderfulness for me. I got to fall in love with YSL coats, Dior suits and dresses, dresses…DRESSES! And all of the vintage Dior equalled Choubelle heaven. I forgot how beautiful his gowns were…and really need to finish the Dior biography by Marie Frances Pochna that I started a few months ago.

In any case, the exhibit will be around at the Museum of Fine Arts until January 17, 2011, so stop by and see it if you happen to be around Beantown!

Have a lovely day…Or fashion week!..Wow, can’t believe its that time again already. I have to go check out some of the shows & of course I’ll let you know about my faves. 🙂



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Images courtesy of the MFA.
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  1. Clare permalink
    September 12, 2010 10:45 pm

    Oh how gorgeous! I am a sucker for a museum. And a museum with a fashion exhibit is a must see!

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