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Guest post: burros!!

February 20, 2011

Hullos! We’re burros. Thats another word for “miniature donkey.”


We’re very cute! We eat a lot of  hay and a little bit of molasses and grains each morning.

This is our greyhound friend who used to do doggie racing. He was pretty sick when he first got here late this summer and had an injury on his right leg, but he is all better now, and we enjoy his company oodles when he visits us outside!

On account of the fact that we’re burros, and since we’re so charming, Choubelle thought it was okay that we don’t do a post about fashion and style. In fact, since we’re farm animals we probably incite some fashion faux pas for our humans. For example, the other day Choubelle and her mommy were rushing to go somewhere, but before they left they briefly visited us and got their nice shoes all muddied up! Oopsies! I don’t think our humans mind too much though, because they love us so much.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our guest post! See you around folks!


The Burro Misters

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